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Dart Transit Company's Eco Trailer

Our new trailer is leading the way - again

Introducing the lightweight
Eco Trailer™ equipment

Dart has a long history of innovation. Between 1970 and 1990, Dart's trailer innovations increased cubic trailer capacity by near 40%.


Now we're doing it again. Our technologically advanced Eco Fleet™ equipment increases our weight carrying capacity by 10%. Together, the light-weight Eco Tractor™, and ultralight Eco Trailer™ equipment can legally haul 50,000+ pounds, or 52,000+ with a day-cab. This means that nine of Dart's Eco Truck™ power units can haul the same amount of heavy cargo that other carriers haul with ten.


Some shippers are already taking advantage of this exclusive Dart service to reduce their shipping

costs per pound. It all adds up to less fuel consumed, fewer trucks on the road, fewer CO2 emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. That's good for America's environment and America's businesses. And that's why Dart has developed its Eco Fleet™ service offering.


David Oren - President & Don Oren - Chairman Dart Transit Company

Eco Fleet

More Freight. Fewer Loads. Less Impact.


Dart Transit Company

Attention Shippers: Dart Tariff and Terms of Service

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